Looking for a Cromemco DPU.

Ray Arachelian ray at arachelian.com
Wed Apr 15 11:10:02 CDT 2009

js at cimmeri.com wrote:
>> Has anybody installed it on a Mac?
> Fred, from what I understand, long ago, attempts were made but
> ditched.  It's been discussed in the comp.os.cpm group.
> The Mac's hardware isn't particularly well-suited for CPM.

Uh, why?

And what would stop you from taking the CP/M BIOS and turning it into a
standalone application that passes its system calls to Mac OS, and using
files as disk images?
You might have some fun with supervisor instructions, but you can trap
and emulate, it might just work.

You wouldn't be running it natively, but that doesn't have to be a

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