Collection to go in San Antonio, TX - repost, now free/pick-up

Mark Tapley mtapley at
Thu Apr 16 10:49:20 CDT 2009

	My friend John Gold has still got a respectable collection in 
San Antonio that needs to not be his. Surely somebody with a storage 
shed and a van wants to come by and collect this? He'd like it to all 
go at once, and not to the dumpster, but I think you can work with 
him on partial deals.
	I think at this point the price is "come get it".
	John can be contacted at:

jhgold at

	Sorry to pester y'all again with this, but some of the gear 
in here really looks to me to be worth preserving, and John hasn't 
got the space to do it.


	IBM 5324 large old work station/main frame
	HP Pavilion 7370V
	IBM Power Server 320 Type 7012
	Macintosh Power PC G3 M4405 233MHz w/ keyboard & mouse
	Apple 3
	CompuAdd 212      Model A002
	Leading Edge DC-3010
	PC Clone Tall Tower
	Eltech desktop clone
	PC Clone mini tower
	CompuAdd 325 Desktop
	Dell Dimension XPS M200S
	Dell Optiplex GXi
	Sanyo MBC 550
	NEC Power Mate V466
	Toshiba T1000 Laptop (2) w/ parts
	Toshiba T1000SE Laptop (2)
	NEC Multi Speed Laptop
	Laser 128 Laptop/Portable Computer
	IBM PC single 360K w/ HDD 5150 w/ keyboard
	IBM AT clone
	NEC Ready 466ES
	NEC Power Mate 286
	AT&T Complete system w/ monitor & keyboard
	AT&T Box (2) Model 6300 CPU1Z & CPU2 w/ 1 keyboard
	Compaq Presario 4550 mini tower
	Atari 400 w/ Cassette drive 410
	IBM PS-2 Model 30 8530-001
	IBM PS-2 Model 30 286 8530-U21
	Packard Bell Legend 300SX 386SX-16
	Compaq Prolinea MT4/66 tower
	GTE Government systems desktop
	Gateway P4D-66

	IBM terminal 3151 RS-232 & printer ports  (2)
	Atari SC1224
	IBM 8513-001 SVGA
	Zenith Data Systems ZCM 1450DT
	IBM 5153 CGA
	Apple 3 monochrome
	XTRON RTB Technologies CM147E
	CompuAdd MCH 4095N (1989)
	WYSE WY50 terminal w/ keyboard
	Dell VM1 mono (1990)
	Samsung MA2565 (1989)
	Packard Bell PB1272A (1988)
	Standard MCH4095N (1988)
	IBM 5081-16 Composite Video (1990)
	Sysdyne CGA (IBM clone)
	AES SVGA (1996)
	Samtron SVGA (1989)
	IBM Terminal 3164-11 (1992)
	NEC Multisync XV14
	IBM 6405301 Serial monitor in box
	IBM 3164 serial terminal w/ base
	CompuAdd SVGA 51086 (1990)
	Magnavox Computer Monitor 80 video only
	Visual 120 Serial terminal w/ keyboard
	NEC MultiSync JC-1401 P3A 13" (1986)
	NEC MultiSync 3D
	NEC MultiSync 3V

	HP Desk Jet 500
	Star NX-10 Dot Matrix
	Panasonic Quiet KX-P2180
	Epson LQ570 Dot Matrix
	Star NX-1000 Multi font w/ box
	Texas Instruments Microlaser Pro E
	Epson LQ-1000 Wide Carriage Dot Matrix
	Qume Daisy Wheel w/ extra wheels and print cartridge
	Kodak Personal Portable Diconix 180si

	IBM Keyboards (5)
	Canon Personal Copier PC-3 w/toner cartridges
	Seiko Digitizer Tablets (3)
	IBM SCSI drives 7204-001, 7207-001, 7210-001
	EXABYTE SCSI tape drive
	CI Designs SCSI peripheral box / in box
	IBM PC case 5150
	IBM XT case 5160
	Musek scanner (no photo)
	Memorex scanner (no photo)
	IBM Keyboard??, 5015715, in box, never opened
	BK Precision 2040 CB Signal Generator
	Arnet serial expansion board, with software and cables
	HP 1611A Logic State Analyzer for Z80?
	Gould K105D Logic Analyzer for Z80?
	Various keyboards, internal cards, Creative Labs CD drives
	and Sound Blasters
	TRS-80 Printer Cassette interface for PC-2  (2)
	TI-74 Basic Calc hand held computer
	NEC Versa docking station, in box , never used.

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