Conner CP-4021 interface/pinout?

Josh Dersch derschjo at
Fri Apr 17 01:34:17 CDT 2009

Anyone know what kind of interface a Conner CP-4021 uses, and if it's 
something standard, what the pinout is?

This is a 20mb drive from an old Compaq LTE (8088) laptop.  I'm trying 
to recover some data from it, and the laptop itself is dead.  It appears 
to have a 44-pin connector in some form-factor I've not seen before. 
This is split out into two ribbon cables that plug into the laptop's 
motherboard.  Can't find anything on the net.  Found a site selling 'em 
as "0.02gb" drives, though :).  (This site claims it's an IDE, I'm not 
so sure... though it would be nice.)


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