Great find on eBay...

Andrew Burton aliensrcooluk at
Sat Apr 18 05:22:08 CDT 2009

Hmmm.... no photo's, no description or external links, a user with only a 1 rating (although account was opened in Feb 2006) and $4,000 starting bid on a 3-day listing?
Someones desperate for money, I'm gonna watch this one just for fun!

Andrew B
aliensrcooluk at

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Subject: Great find on eBay...
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Date: Saturday, 18 April, 2009, 8:24 AM

Item 160329193774.

Sure, it doesn't work.  And it's missing most of the parts.  But
it's an Old computer, and the bidding starts at under $4000! Sounds like a
great deal to me!


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