Remapping the HP150 keyboard

Tony Duell ard at
Sat Apr 18 15:28:38 CDT 2009

> And now something completely different......(free after monty python)


> Did you ever use the HP 59401A HP-IB analyzer ?

Yes, I have one, and have a fair idea how it works.

The lower PCB is the PSU (the +5V switching regulator is somewhat odd), 
the data capture RAM and data path circuits

The upper PCB contains 2 seaprate sections. The display driver in the 
front left corner and the main control state machine, based round those 4 
ROM chips in the middle.

I can provide a _lot_ more info on it if you need it.


> It's fun to look at the HP-IB(us) the display flickers nice, but is =
> there
> realy meaning full use for these analyzers ?

It's not very useful for mass stroage devices (it can't hold enough data, 
and if you single-step it, the host connected to said mass storage device 
generally times out and gives an error). But I've found it very useful 
for examping data to/from HPIB instruments, and for testing HPIB 
interfaces, printers, etc.


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