Missing Fig 2. from IMSAI front-panel modifications...

Josh Dersch derschjo at mail.msu.edu
Sun Apr 19 15:30:44 CDT 2009

Well, while I'm waiting for various things to arrive to aid my 
resuscitation of my 11/40, I'm back to working on my IMSAI 8080.

The front panel does not work quite right with the combination of CPU 
and RAM I have in the machine, so I've been debugging various things and 
have made some decent progress.  Now Examine and Examine Next work 
properly.  Deposit/Deposit Next, however, do not.

Reading through the CPA manual I got from 
http://www.classiccmp.org/dunfield/imsai/cpa.pdf, there's a modification 
that needs to be done to get the front panel to work with non-IMSAI RAM 
cards -- this has not been done to my front panel.

Seems that that might be at least part of the problem.  But step 3 (see 
pg 26, for those following along at home) refers to Fig 2, referencing 
points A & B.  Figure 2 is not in the PDF. There is a schematic on page 
28 outlining the change, but it's unreadable.

Anyone have a copy of Fig 2 they can share?


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