Odd DEC terminal?

Tony Duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Wed Apr 22 15:24:58 CDT 2009

> I've just been handed a small DEC badged unit, which I think is a =
> terminal. It appears to have been made by Termiflex.
> It is a handheld unit with a two line LED display, a 4x5 keypad, three =
> unmarked buttons on one side, and a wheel device on the other.
> It has a 25 way D type and a 3 pole AMP connector.
> Does anyone know anything about it?

THis sounds like the pocket terminal that field sevice used to run 
diagnostics on RA81a, TU81s, etc. It's shown in some of the manuals for 
those devices. You could use a normal CRT terminal for this, but the 
pocket one was easier to cary around.

The DB25 is normal RS232, I assume it's wired as a DTE. THe Amp plug is 
power input, I forget the voltage (it's likely to be either 5V or 12V, I 
suspect the former). 


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