pdp11/70 front panel frame

Pontus Pihlgren pontus at Update.UU.SE
Thu Apr 23 09:06:12 CDT 2009

> them.  Jay West gave me a stripped front panel (no switches) some time
> ago, so realistically, I need switches, toggles, and plexiglass to get
> that one fully working, but I'd be happy to have lights and no
> switches or switches with C&K paddles (which I already have).

I've seen two people (one on this list I think) mold their own swithces 
for PDP-8's. I'm going to atempt this myself for the five missing/broken 
switches on my PDP-8/e. (unless someone would sell me a handful :)

When I get around to it (within a few months) I'll document the process 
and if its not too hard, maybe I can help others with replacements.


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