CDC Remote Calculator, circa 1965

Chuck Guzis cclist at
Fri Apr 24 11:18:46 CDT 2009

On 24 Apr 2009 at 9:41, Jochen Kunz wrote:

> Sure. But as the real thing doesn't exist anymore this is the closest
> you can get. At least a Cyber 180 is a real computer, no PeeCee. -- 

A PC isn't a "real" computer?  You're beginning to sound like the old 
girlfriend who made fun of my MITS Altair.  The funny thing is that 
the Altair was probably as fast as the STAR-1Bs we had at work--or at 
least it seemed that way at the time.  Of course the MITS box lacked 
the memory and I/O of the 1Bs. OTOH, my MITS box 8080 was about the 
same speed as the PPU on a 6000-series system and had about the same 


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