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Vernon Wright vern4wright at
Fri Apr 24 12:16:52 CDT 2009

Am I the only classic computer enthusiast left in San Diego?

Since Will Rose decamped for England, and Don Maslin died, and Bill Bailey died last year, it seems that there is no one here who shares my/our interests. It's all Windoze (oh, I wish OS/2 had made it!) and Linux. No aspersion cast on either (well, even though I write for both, you get my feeling from my spelling of the former) - but there is no one here who has the slightest interest in anything before y2k! Local groups consider "technical" playing with the latest piece of hardware from Fry's.

Just wondering if there are any lurkers here who are in a similar situation, and would like to resurrect my old Dina-SIG in the form of talking, playing with, experimenting with classic computers. Maybe developing new ideas (Bill Bailey and I, before he died, were working on concepts for biological computers)....

If so, drop me a line. Don't mean to sound needy - but it's lonely down here. San Diego was a major epicenter of the development of the S-100 CP/M computer. We're all getting older but it can't be that of 3 million people I'm the only one left?!?

Vern Wright


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