pdp11/70 front panel frame

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>> > If I remember right, the RDC panel reused the 11/70 panel frame, 
>> > by the way.
>> > 
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> You remember right. I was a computer operator on an 11/70 in the late 70's. When the DEC service technician came by to switch out the standard front panel and replace it with the remote console, only the panel was replaced, not the frame.
> Should have kept it. It was pristine...

What? You mean that DEC took the original 11/70 front panel?
That's interesting.
I have two RDC panels (as well as two original fronts), and both of the 
RDC panels had some sticker or text saying "Property of DEC. Must be 
returned if removed from contract." (or something like that) implying 
that the customer didn't own the RDC panel, and the original front panel 
were to be reused when the machine went off service. So they couldn't 
very well take that panel. It was the property of the customer.

I thought that was standard procedure. Interesting...


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