Ciarcia's Circuit Cellar

Vernon Wright vern4wright at
Sat Apr 25 12:20:36 CDT 2009

We'll see what Steve has to say about it. I think he has those books for sale, doesn't he?

I used to have my secretary xerox his columns (no, I didn't cut out of my Byte magazines, though that collection has long since been deep-sixed) but I don't know whether I still have those copies - probably "somewhere" but I'll be damned if I know where that "somewhere" is. 

I've built a number of Steve's projects. In my workshop a few days ago I saw his EEG project waiting to be revived.

But there is so much to do....

Vern Wright

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> Subject: Re: Ciarcia's Circuit Cellar
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> Date: Saturday, April 25, 2009, 9:08 AM
> > The first three volumes of the Ciarcia's Circuit
> Cellar books are now
> > available for online viewing (but not downloading) at
> Google Books.
> > These books collect Steve Ciarcia's 70s/80s Byte
> columns - lots of
> > interesting stuff.
>    There is a downloadable version at
>    I'd like to be advised about the legality of sharing
> this link. Steve is still alive and is a great author, but
> the books are long out of print. Seems grayish area to me,
> but since they are avaiable on google books, why not in PDF?


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