Ciarcia's Circuit Cellar

Vernon Wright vern4wright at
Sat Apr 25 14:43:56 CDT 2009

Thanks for the heads-up, Andrew. I well recall that.

And thanks to Steve for making history available to all.

Vern Wright

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> Date: Saturday, April 25, 2009, 11:20 AM
> We'll see what Steve has to say about it. I think he has
> those books for
> sale, doesn't he?
> I used to have my secretary xerox his columns (no, I
> didn't cut out of my
> Byte magazines, though that collection has long since been
> deep-sixed) but I
> don't know whether I still have those copies - probably
> "somewhere" but I'll
> be damned if I know where that "somewhere" is. 
> I've built a number of Steve's projects. In my
> workshop a few days ago I saw
> his EEG project waiting to be revived.
> But there is so much to do....
> Vern Wright
> -----REPLY-----
> Hi!  Steve and Sean generously released BYOZ80C to allow
> online publishing.
> I very much enjoyed his book and commend him for both
> writing it in the
> first place and also releasing it so as to help keep the
> home brew computing
> tradition alive.
> You can see the full description of the release statement
> on the first page.
> Thanks and have a nice day!
> Andrew Lynch


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