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>>> IIRC the Apple ][ text display was upper case only. The fact that your
>>> clone does lower case means there must be hardware differences between it
>>> and a real Apple. Which means, alas, the schematics for the latter aren't
>>> going to be a lot of use.
>> I think I might be luckier than that. As far as I can tell, the character
>> ROM in the Apple ][ is ASCIIish, but for some reason the lower case ASCII
>> positions contained upper case characters.
> There's a standard modification to add lower case to an Apple ][, which
> consists of merely replacing the chargen (EP)ROM for the display, and
> adding a wire for the keyboard. I guess Apple just decided to economise
> so the keyboard didn't generate lower case, and hence there was no need
> for lower case in the chargen either.
 An interesting side note. Jef Raskin said that Apple
had to use Poly88's to write the manuals for the Apple II
because of the lack of lower case. It was just felt that
there would be no need for lower case while running BASIC.
Why would one want to use a computer to type a document.
After all, typewriters worked fine.
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