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Alexandre Souza alexandre-listas at
Mon Apr 27 09:07:01 CDT 2009

> Now I'm fascinated by the thought of Brazilian Apple II+ clones. Did any
> of them vary much from the standard Apple II configurations?

    Hmmm...lets see, I'll try to remember all DIFFERENT clones (not copycats 
of the ][+):

    - MicroEngenho (mfg: Spectrum): An Apple //e (if I'm not mistaken) made 
in a PC-XT-Like cabinet. Very rare,
boards completely different of the original Apple.

    - MaXXi (mfg: Polymax): I've never seen one in person. The cabinet is 
completely different from anything I've ever seen. Polymax made digital 
telex equipment, seems to have an excess of cabinets and made the MaXXi. As 
far as I know, the rarest brazilian Apple-like

    - Exato, Exato Pró, Exato //e (CCE). All share the same cabinet, very 
beautiful and excellent keyboard. Exato doesn't have the function keys on 
top, Exato pró has. Exato //e I don't remember well, I think only the 
internal mainboard is changed. Famous for the bad sockets it uses.

    - Apple Laser //c: A clone made by Milmar (which made the excellent 
Craft ][+ copycat clone) which is a bad mix of the laser 128 and apple //c. 
It has the WORST keyboard I've ever seen, an external power supply almost 
the size of the computer and is just a simple ][+. A bad joke. Of course, no 
internal drive

    - (interesting, but not apple ][+)Mac 512 (mfg: Unitron): A reengineered 
copy of the Mac 512, with a different logic board and dedicated ICs made by 
National Instruments. Very bad quality cabinet, no-auto-eject drives (used 
chinon mechanic drives). BTW, I have one. The rarest of all :)

    - TK3000 (mfg: Microdigital): a true reengineered //e. Different 
cabinet, different (programable) keyboard with numerical keypad (and even 
better than the exato keyboard), already being an "enhanced" model from 
scratch. A huge sales success in Brazil

    - TK3000 Compact (mfg: Microdigital): a "thing". A very small TK3000 
with same keyboard but small board (with lots of 
impossible-to-be-found-if-broken dedicated ICs) and some expansions (memory, 
maybe CPM, printer, floppy) onboard. A bit rare.

    - TK2000/2000II (mfg: Microdigital): Clone of the "MPF" Microprofesseur, 
which is an apple clone more-or-less compatible with a little bit different 
ROM. The cabinet is a copy of the Atari 1200XL :o) Very, but VERY strange 
beast. The drive interface was made into the box of a brazilian atari 
cartridge (!!!!!!!!!!) and it connected on the side of the computer.

> They're probably like the clones we saw in New Zealand - really almost
> identical to an original Apple II+ board. In fact, all three machines I
> have here are very similar - as I mentioned, same type of ICs in the
> same locations. I guess in most cases, there wasn't any point in
> changing what was known to work! In the 80s I had a machine called a
> MedFly - bizarre name, but just an Apple II+ clone with most options on
> board (e.g. the 16k expansion, Z80 second processor for CP/M). I think
> it was a rebadged Basis 108, which I recall had legal licensed Apple
> ROMs in it. I don't think that was common. Certainly, the main board in
> that was nothing like a standard Apple one, though I'd guess that
> electrically it was just like a II+ with a bunch of cards in it.

    Most of them, were. It was very easy to clone a ][+. Just copy the 
board, the power supply, the cabinet and the ROMs.

    There are photos that can be found on the web if you are curious :o)

    Greetings from Brazil

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