Brazilian mix-ups

Adrian Graham witchy at
Mon Apr 27 12:46:35 CDT 2009

On 27/04/2009 17:43, "Alexandre Souza" <alexandre-listas at>

>> You missed the TK90X which appears to be an enhanced 48K Spectrum with a
>> built-in joystick port. I've not dared to power mine up yet!
>     No Adrian, I tried to list the "bizarre" computers. Guts of one,
> external box of other. TK90X is an almost-copycat clone of the Spectrum. The

Ah, ok :) That's what I get for speed-reading while at work!

>     Why haven't you dare? Just put a plain 9-12v dc, positive tip power
> supply on that. you'll tune it on channel 3 or 4 to see the image, there is
> a mod for composite video out of it, but the original is RF (vhf) only

I can see it from where I'm sat now, I might give it a go tonight, didn't
originally because the PSU in the box is 110v (I'm in the UK) and the person
in Brazil I got it from didn't test it either!


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