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> On 27/04/2009 11:34, Mike van Bokhoven wrote:
> > I remember using a word processor on the II+ I had in the mid 80s; that 
> > had the shift mod, but no lower case ROM. The software indicated upper 
> > case characters by showing that character in inverse video.Quite clunky, 
> > but it worked fine; I was quite happy with the results by the time they 
> > made their way out of the printer. It's surprising that it worked as 
> > well as it did I guess. Having said that, I was very pleased to upgrade 
> > to a IIe.
> I remember that.  Was it AppleWriter?

This reverse video business sounds vaguely familiar.  The only word
processor commercial software I am familiar with for Apple ][ was
PFS:Write.  The software was really slow, even for an Apple ][.  When
I saw an excerpt of the code published in "Programmers at Work", I
understood why.
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