Ciarcia's Circuit Cellar

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> Yes, I think it ought to be put on Bitsavers; I doubt Steve would have
> any objection, I didn't get the feeling that he released it ONLY to
> scribdb.
Respectfully, feelings and opinions don't translate into copyright law.  IANAL, but I will suggest one reason Ciarcia might have allowed scribdb to host his publications.  I note that scribdb is a site heavy in advertising.  Supposedly "free" objects are often actually generating revenue - for someone - through such advertising.  So it may be that this is a business venture - and a perfectly legitimate one that I am not criticizing - and that Ciarcia really WOULD object to these volumes being posted on a purely non-profit, public-service site (thanks, Al!).  

If someone is really interested in seeing these hosted somewhere else, my suggestion would be to ASK THE AUTHOR.  Speculating on this list is not a substitute.  -- Ian 

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