machine room in a trailer?

Brian Lanning brianlanning at
Wed Apr 29 13:02:15 CDT 2009

Not a machine shop, but maybe the same sorts of problems...   I've
seen two wood shop trailer concepts.  Both were actual trailers, not
mobile homes.  One was open to the outside where the top of the
trailer was about waist-high.  It had a number of machines that folded
out and hatches that could open.  Sounds like a weather nightmare to

The other one was a converted horse trailer iirc.  It had machines
along one wall and enough space to walk down the other wall.  Seemed
tight but workable.

My main concern would be the amount of weight the floors could support.

Going off-topic for a minute, I'm very interested in frugal living
(although I don't always live it) and I've been trying to think of
unique ways to get a house without a mortgage.  One way was to use
shipping containers.  The trade deficit has made them very cheap.  And
they're indestructible.  You can stack them 5 or 6 high, even when
loaded.  Some are also temperature controlled so they're insulated.
Most have hardwood floors also.

I also considered mobile homes.  I thought that it would be
interesting to buy some land somewhere where the government officials
will leave me alone, then acquire four single-wide mobile homes.  I'd
arrange them in a square and build a covered deck in the middle.  Gut
the interiors.  Turn one into a kitchen/diningroom/livingroom, another
one into a master bedroom/bathroom, another for the kids rooms, etc.
Since I have a full wood shop, I thought about turning one of them
into a wood shop.

When I talk about this, my wife just rolls her eyes, lol.  Of course,
the way the economy is going, this is starting to sound like a great
idea.  :-/


On Wed, Apr 29, 2009 at 12:45 PM, Richard <legalize at> wrote:
> Has anyone ever setup an appropriately controlled environment for a
> machine room in a mobile home type trailer?
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