machine room in a trailer?

Doc doc at
Wed Apr 29 13:35:31 CDT 2009

Richard wrote:
> Has anyone ever setup an appropriately controlled environment for a
> machine room in a mobile home type trailer?

    I've seen tractor-trailer rigs set up for everything from seismo-test 
evaluation to large-scale storage replication, but never "from the 
inside", so to speak.  The US Army has at least one caravan of 8 or 10 
rigs that's labeled as war-games simulators.  Who knows WTH it really 
is.  ;)

    Looks to me like you'd be far better off building on a transport 
frame than a mobile home frame.  A semi flatbed or van will be designed 
to hold up under heavy loads and unevenly distributed weight.  Also, 
it's been my observation that most "mobile" homes are designed and built 
to move once or twice, and start breaking up after that.

    For power and cooling, you'll have to give some thought to the 
expected target environment.  If you'll be running it in, say, municipal 
auditoriums or arenas, assuming high-voltage 3-phase input might be 
reasonable.  If you want to be able to fire it up just anywhere, a 
light-plant trailer makes better sense.


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