machine room in a trailer?

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Wed Apr 29 18:57:17 CDT 2009

On Wed, 29 Apr 2009 15:33:43 -0600, Richard <legalize at>  

> Reasonable idea.  I've seen surplus environment controlled trailers
> for sale on govliquidation.

This is a great way of going if you are willing to re-rack your  
equipment. The electronics trailers are specially designed to channel  
cooling to the racks - some having zone controls. Generally, there is  
also sufficient power distribution to handle the equipment you  

A number of years ago I outfitted a thirty-foot surplus equipment  
trailer with a Modcomp II, data recorders, printer, and data  
acquisition equipment for an atmospheric optical transfer function  
experiment. The trailer I came up with had a row of racks  that  
covered one side leaving the other for a console and printer and room  
for everyone involved to escape the elements. We operated out of  
Tucson, Arizona with sites at Cape Canaveral in the summer, Lake Tahoe  
in the winter, and Bolder, Colorado in the summer. About 10,000 miles  
of travel in all with no equipment failures!

There were two zones of cooling: one for the equipment in the bays and  
the other for the personnel space. There was over 100 Amps available  
in the racks with 3-phase 220/110V wiring.

Another avenue to investigate are surplus equipment shelters. These  
shelters have environmental systems, racks, and power distribution.  
You hire a crane/big fork lift and a flatbed to move the beasts and  
generally will go for less than the trailers.


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