More Apple II fun - 4116s...

Alexandre Souza alexandre-listas at
Thu Apr 30 12:47:17 CDT 2009

> I was thinking about that very subject just this week - I have a
> TRS-80 Model III that I think has a flaky 4116.  I have a chip tester,
> but it only tests 64Kbit, 256Kbit and 1Mbit DIP DRAMs (i.e. -
> single-supply parts).  Is this hack as simple as eliminating the -5V
> and +12V to the socket, or is there more to it?  I have tubes and
> tubes of NOS 4164s, and could easily build a 1-2-socket stacker with
> missing pins to plug a 4164 into a 4116 socket if that's all it takes.
> I also have a PET 4016 with the punched-out holes in the upper 16K
> region of the board - I don't mind stringing wires to rebuild the
> sockets, but that seems like a great candidate for hacking the power
> to the RAM field.  Also, it would be easier to drive a naked dynamic
> PET board from a bench supply if it didn't need -5V.

    I'd use a pair of 4464's in a smal perfoboard. BTW I have two apple ][+ 
I'm planning in doing just this mod.

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