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Sun Feb 1 22:55:29 CST 2009

> Lots of us already back up across a LAN to a machine (regardless of
> the storage technology behind the scenes), so it's not a big leap to
> do that to some off-site server; it's just that the upstream data
> rates from the home aren't really *quite* there yet.

I doubt that, actually; I back up live to a big backup disk at home,
and I have that disk backed up live over my DSL line.  And mine is
about as slow as consumer DSL gets; we switched me from RADSL to MVL
because it performs better on almost-too-long copper, and even that
tops out at about 0.4Mbps (RADSL was dropping out entirely at times and
not syncing above about 512kbps at all).

Yet I back up live over that, and I find that it keeps up.  Perhaps my
write rate is lower than many, but my DSL is slower than many, too; I
suspect that what's actually lacking is the software for it in a form
easy enough to drop in that the masses can use it.

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