KAYPRO 10 - Need Help Please

Roy J. Tellason rtellason at verizon.net
Mon Feb 2 12:53:08 CST 2009

On Sunday 01 February 2009 02:14:15 am Scanning wrote:
> I rescued two ( more like 1 3/4 ) KAYPRO 10 machines headed for euthanasia.
> I repaired the LVPS in the first unit and it comes up (?) 

In other words you get some stuff on the screen?  That was a real common 
problem with those,  and it was typically the soldering at the single 
connector on those boards.

FWIW,  I have schematics of at least three variants on the supplies used on 
those machines,  if somebody needs one.

> but I think it is waiting for something ( like a BOOT disk ? ).

Probably,  yeah.

> They both ( machines ) have one half-height 5 1/4 floppy drive and one
> half-height 10 MByte hard drive. 

None of the ones I have were equipped with a HD.

> So far both of the CPU boards do exactly the same thing, after RESET it
> puts up the following prompt on the CRT;
> * KAYPRO 10 v1.9e *
> Anyone know what if anything it is waiting for ( I can't believe it
> wouldn't BOOT off of the hard drive, but I don't know any better ) ?? The
> 10 MB Ready light for the hard disk does come on ( for what it is worth...).

Does the floppy drive light come on too?  They were a little weird in that 
respect,  on my Osborne for example,  the light on the floppy drive would 
only come on when there was actually some activity going on there.  On Kaypro 
machines,  the light would stay on for as long as the drive was _selected_.  
This was almost disastrous on more than one occasion when Kaypro users were 
introduced to Osborne hardware and had a tendency not to wait until disk 
operations were finished.  :-)

> Better yet, anyone want a couple ( or one ) KAYPRO 10s to screw around with
> and add to your collection ? They are built pretty tough ! Make an offer
> that will cover my Super Bowl beer fund and you're in business ! Because of
> their weight, probably limited to domestic USA shipping ( from Southern
> CA ).

I wouldn't turn 'em down,  anyway,  though I'm not sure whether or not it'd be 
worth it to me,  perhaps we better take that aspect of it up offlist...

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