Anyone have a line on batteries for the NLS portableoscilloscope?

Roy J. Tellason rtellason at
Sat Feb 7 18:38:26 CST 2009

> >I've never seen single cells,  but we did have some 4V units which were
> > only two cells.
> Gates was a major provider of the single 2V cell in the "D" size with tabs
> on one end.

Yeah,  I'd remembered that a bit later on...

My stint in the battery retail store biz went from January of 1993 to October 
of 1995,  so I'm a bit fuzzy about recalling some of those details these 
days.  :-)

> NLS used three of them but a 6V monolythic battery with the same outer
> dimensions will also work fine as the tabs soldered to the rear board for
> mounting and to create a series connection.

The ones they make with multiple cells in a plastic case have a flat top 
that's rectangular in cross-section and that might be an issue,  depending on 
the housing.  A quick google gets me to this page:

where there's a picture of one,  what they're calling a "0819-0012 6v 2.5Ah 
Cyclon Lead Acid Battery".  Not a bad price at $15.70,  either,  if it'll 
fit.  The individual D sized cells are here:

at $7.90 each,  not terrific but not too terrible either.

> The only reason batteries are needed to run the NLS is the charger is way
> too small run run it directly.


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