Broken stuff for sale

Jason T silent700 at
Sat Feb 7 18:58:36 CST 2009

Or possibly not broken?  I have two items which I must part with as
part of The Great Reduction of 2009:

- Epson HX-20 Portable; no AC adapter; could not power it on with any
AC adapter in my stable; fair cosmetic shape, some sticker residue;
has micro-cassette drive module

- STM Pied Piper CP/M Computer; I plugged it in and Magic Smoke was
released; a competent technician (i.e. not me) can probably fix this
easily; comes with a box of 5.25" floppies which may or or may not
contain CP/M and other Pied Piper goodies, a Dealer Guide, some
brochures for an STM 80186 machine and whatever else I can find

Shipping on these items will be from 60074.  I have scanned the
scannable items from the Pied Piper and they are up at  Asking price is whatever you feel it's worth for
me to box something up and send it out, plus actual shipping.  In
other words, please give these fine machines a home.


Retrocomputing and collecting in the Chicago area:

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