Alignment disks, and the creation thereof

Bryan Pope bryan.pope at
Mon Feb 9 19:25:26 CST 2009

Jules Richardson wrote:
> But how do you "maintain" floppy media?
> Sure, the machines can be kept going - replacing a chip here and 
> there, or when supplies of those chips have gone, by simulating the 
> device's function in whatever logic is flavour of the period.
> But it seems apparent that floppies fail - either through wear or 
> natural deterioration. You could simulate the drive and media (as I 
> mentioned), but then it's not "floppy disk" any more.
> I don't think anyone's going to invest the time and money needed to 
> truly preserve floppies intact; that sounds like a lot of expensive 
> analysis into why binders fail, and a lot of expensive research to 
> then fix the problem - a problem that almost nobody in the commercial 
> arena cares about.
That is already being done for the Commodore 64 with the .G64 file 
format which is a GCR encoded 1541 disk image.  This copies everything 
including the protection.  See .


> I suppose someone might magic up a way of creating DIY floppies from 
> scratch in a home lab, but I'm not holding my breath.

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