House cleaning!

Josh Dersch derschjo at
Wed Feb 11 00:28:04 CST 2009

So I've amassed way too much stuff lately and I have a lot of cool stuff 
that I never touch anymore, so I'm thinning out my collection a bit to 
free up some space.  Smallish stuff I'll ship, but the large stuff is 
local pick-up only.  (Seattle, WA area).  Happy to drive out a ways to 
meet you if it helps.  Make an offer -- no reasonable offer refused.  
Stuff that doesn't get claimed 'll probably end up on eBay eventually.


- Amdek Color II - Works.
- Gateway 2000, 15" Vivitron (does 1280x1024, actually a nice SVGA...)
- Ball 9" CRT

- Intertec InterTube II - Does not work.  Makes horrible 
hissing/screeching on power-up.  Dirty, but will clean up.
- Beehive SuperBee - No keyboard.  Needs work.  Ugly looking on the 
outside, but very clean inside, given how old it is.
- Wang terminal - Cannot find model on case, believe it to be part of an 
old Wang word-processing system.  Built like a tank.

- Compaq Portable III - Worked the last time I powered it up.  Hard 
drive, 5.25" floppy drive.
- Compaq Portable 386 - Also works.  2MB ram, hard drive.  Carrying case 
(travel in style!)
- Dell Optiplex, Dual PPro/w P2-Overdrive.  No HD, I have RAM somewhere.
- HP 9000/236 - W/Monitor.  Works, but floppy controller reports errors 
on startup.
- HP 9826 - Was working, but monitor no longer powers up.
- Mac Plus - Not working.
- Pet 2001 (32k) - Works
- CBM 8032 - Works, PCB is a bit hacked up, but works.
- ComputerVision CADDStation 32 - Neat old Sun3-based machine I 
inherited awhile back.  Really heavy, no I will not ship.  Just the 
machine, none of the various CAD-related input devices.  Mostly working 
-- CPU board needs repair (but it's just a rebadged Sun3 VME processor 
board so it's not impossible to find parts...)
SGI Personal Iris 4D/35 + Iris File.  No RAM, alas.  Chassis has a bit 
of rust, but is otherwise solid.
TRS-80 Model II + external 8" drive box (w/2 drives installed).  Works, 
a bit worn.  (Have not tested all the drives.)

A goodish stack of older laptops.  386, 486, and Pentium.  Ask for 
details.  Take one, take all... take as many as you want!

CBM 2031 5.25" floppy drive - works
CBM 4040 dual 5.25" drive - does not work.
DECServer 200/MC.  Appears to work.  Never took the time to set up a 
machine with LAT, etc... to try it out.
HP 1200B Oscilloscope.  Rack mountable, Dual trace.  Needs some repair 
(trace does not scan across the screen correctly.)

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