Nicolet 660

Charles charlesmorris800 at
Wed Feb 11 16:52:21 CST 2009

> Hmm. Yeah, I've never heard of Nicolet either. Interesting find!

In the early 80's the company I worked for had a very neat little 
portable audio-range FFT spectrum analyzer called the 
"Mini-Ubiquitous". Always wanted one. 

In '92 the USAF transferred me to Dayton OH (home of Mendelson's 
Surplus) and they had one sitting in the pile of instruments for quite 
some time... but they wanted $400 for it. 

So they are hardly "ubiquitous" since I've only spotted two :)

ps anyway I acquired an HP 3580A for $100 at the Hamvention which was 
an easy fix... 
anyone know where I can get some decent knobs for it?

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