ASR33 as storage medium on PDP 11/05

Tony Duell ard at
Wed Feb 18 13:12:38 CST 2009

> As i remember DEC was selling its high speed reader ( PC11 ?) but only 
> for fanfold tapes. 

There were also 3rd-party paper tape punch/reader systems that were 
software-compatible with the PC11. I have an interface card in my 11/45 
that talks to a Trend HSR700 (700 cps) reader and a Facit 4070 (75 cps) 
punch. I am pretty sure Facit sold a Unibus interace card for their 
reader too.

> Maybe this can archived by adding one extra interface to the unibus 
> and a piece of software. 

AFAIK there is no reason why you can't add another DL11 serial interface 
(with a different Unius address and Interrupt vector) to link to your 
ASR33. I am not sure about the driver -- the DL11 is somewhat 
register-compatible with the PC11, so it might be a very simple 
modification of the PC: driver. 


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