reasonable price for a working VT05?

Tony Duell ard at
Sat Feb 21 15:32:27 CST 2009

> Jup, I have, according to the tag at the rear side, a VT55-FB.
> Till now I did not find the electrostatic paper for it. The terminal
> has a printer built in at the righthand side.

I beleive it's actually an electrolytic process. The paper is chemically 
treted, and is kept damp when in operation (there's a pad in the printer 
which you moisten with water). I also seem to remember you have to change 
the upper electrode after every roll of paper, it is disolved into the 
electrolyte when the printer is in operation.

Somwehre I have a coupld of rolls of ppeer and electrodes. 

My own VT55 has the printer, and I've never managed to get it to work. It 
starts up correctly, the helix spins round, paper comes out, etc, but the 
paper is blank/ I've been told the paper deteriorates with time, an aof 
course it's all very old now. One day I'll get a round tuit and do some 
serious testing.


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