GPIB cards [WAS: Re: Advice for Tek 4051 vector-drawing issue?]

Devon Stopps devonstopps at
Mon Feb 23 13:09:26 CST 2009

Speaking of GPIB cards, if anyone needs an ISA GPIB interface card, let 
me know.  They're usually NI AT-GPIB/TNT+ cards.  We usually toss a few 
every couple of months.  For the cost of shipping (about $15CAD to 
almost anywhere).

Also have Sun Ultra10 and Ultra5 free for pickup in Kingston, ON.

On Sun, 22 Feb 2009, Josh Dersch wrote:
 > > Richard wrote:
 >> >> I guess the best way to get data transferred from these systems is to
 >> >> use the GPIB interface and transfer the programs out of the 
system and
 >> >> into the internet.  I wonder if the easiest would be to use a
 >> >> Commodore GPIB compatable floppy drive or something.

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