Advice for Tek 4051 vector-drawing issue?

Tony Duell ard at
Mon Feb 23 14:25:33 CST 2009

> Tony Duell wrote:
> > If this were my system,. I think I'd modify that 8050 to ignore IFC.
> Personally, I'd sooner get a couple of IDC IEEE-488 connectors and some cable, 
> crimp the connectors on the cable (wired 1-1, 2-2, etc.) then separate the IFC 
> wire from the rest of the bundle (I'd pick a bit in the middle, say 2in long). 
> Cut that wire dead in half, continuity-check the cable, then cut the IFC wire 
> down to a more respectable length once all the checks pass (or solder it back 
> together if it turns out you cut the wrong wire).

Ore cerfully seprate the IFC line from the rest of the cable at one end 
before crimping the connector on that end amd crimp the remianing 2 bits 
(one either side of the IFC wiee) to the connector with a gap between 
them. I've done that sort of thing often enough making PC-type floppy 
cables, RS232 caels iwth null-modem twists, etc, so I don't see why it 
would be any more difficult with microribbon connectors.


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