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In my formative years, my 'local' was Radar Electric.  They had seemingly endless rows of plastic jugs holding the stuff of geek fantasy: switches, controls, terminal strips and the like.  A wall of gray drawers held resistors, capacitors and an enormous range of crystals - when I was a novice ham, back before they allowed novices to use VFOs, I used to scour those drawers for hours looking for useful frequencies.

And then there was the surplus room, filled with gadgets large and small - mostly marine, since Seattle has (or had) a significant fishing fleet.

Radar Electric is still in business, last time I checked, but their surplus side was discontinued a long time ago.  You can order various types of components and equipment online, but I miss the experience of wandering the aisles, never knowing what random piece of junk might inspire my next project.  <sigh>  -- Ian
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On Wed, 2009-02-25 at 11:52 -0500, William Donzelli wrote:

> Fair Radio in Lima is still going strong for 60 some years.

How's that place for walking into?  I was thinking of making a 3 day
weekend, and heading up there, since its only an hour and change north
of me here in Dayton.

Anyone done it relatively recently?


> And there are smaller places, barely on the radar.
> --
> Will

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