UNIX for the VAXstation or AlphaStation

John Floren slawmaster at gmail.com
Fri Feb 27 21:54:59 CST 2009

Hi all; I realize that this sorta overlaps with a previous thread or
two, but I thought I'd start a new one rather than practice

So, I've got both a VAXstation 4000-60 and an AlphaStation 250 here
and after playing with it for a bit I've decided I don't really care
for VMS so much that I want it on both of them. I'd like to find an
interesting, preferably AT&T-style UNIX to run on one of them, so I'm
hoping some of you can help me figure out my options. So far, I know I
can run:
-Probably some DEC/HP UNIXes (Tru64 on the Alpha?).

I'd really appreciate perspectives on these different systems,
user/admin experience, etc. I'm not looking to accomplish anything in
particular here, I just want something to play around with on my DEC
hardware while I wait for the PDP-11 :)


John Floren
"I've tried programming Ruby on Rails, following TechCrunch in my RSS
reader, and drinking absinthe. It doesn't work. I'm going back to C,
Hunter S. Thompson, and cheap whiskey." -- Ted Dziuba

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