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> So you bought those twin tower systems. We were all crying over them.

Who's "we"? :-)  There was one other bidder that appears to have maxed
out at $100, so I got them for $105 ea.  On ebay these things would
have gone for considerably more I'm guessing.

> Those are Twin Tower 4D systems as you can already see and they are
> not the most powerful things out there as they are pretty old.

Yeah, but they are a nice addition to my SGI collection; I didn't have
any of the Power Series 4D machines, although I do have a Crimson and
a couple Onyx machines.

> They should be able to run Irix 4.0.5 but that is it and I don't know
> much about Irix software older than version 5.3 so you better hope that
> there are some GL demos installed.

Yeah, these things predate OpenGL, so I imagine that only Iris GL
programs will run on them.  Fortunately I have the expertise to write
such programs to be able to make some cool demos :-).  It would be
nice to get ahold of an Iris GL doc set though.  I'm guessing that the
man pages are probably installed.  sgistuff says that IRIX 5.3
supports a 4D/220.

> In all honesty I recommend you go talk to the folks over at
> as they are the last people on the net really
> to tame these old beasts.  I also recommend
> as it contains a nice FAQ
> and tells you how to make a serial terminal cable adapter which is
> essential for any SGI system.

Yep, I've been on nekochan before (although I prefer mailing lists
over web forums, since mailing lists are push instead of a web forum
pull).  Looks like the 4D FAQ page is the one I've been seeing on
"The Direct3D Graphics Pipeline" -- DirectX 9 draft available for download

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