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Ray Arachelian ray at arachelian.com
Sat Feb 28 15:56:22 CST 2009

John Floren wrote:
> I was just browsing around on UP and found
> http://up.update.uu.se/DSK%3AHUMOR1%3BUNIX%20TEST
> I took the test and got 0x72, "operator", not bad for being born after
> half the things mentioned were retired :)
> John
This should have been a question:
Did you use unix commands to keep your score?

(I did, used vi to append a line on each "yes", then used printf + wc)

ray at ubuntu:~$ printf "%x %s\n" `wc -l crap`
f6 crap


Sigh, and I thought this was due to old age:

 0477 Ever spend ten minutes trying to find a single-character error?
 0478 ... More than an hour?
 0479 ... More than a day?
 0480 ... More than a week?
 0481 ... Did the first person you show it to find it immediately?

Well, ok, I only said yes for the first two.


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