Video pinouts for Sony SMC-70G

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it don't got MSX roms, no.

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> > Just acquired one of these bad boys and I've found very little info on
> > it -- it appears to have two video out connectors -- a 25-pin D-sub
> > labeled "RGB Multi Out" and an 8-pin DIN labeled "B/W Multi Out."
> > Anyone know the pinouts of these?  Any ideas what kind of monitor I can
> > expect to use with this machine?
>     Interesting machine...looks like a MSX compatible! What sound/video 
> processor it uses?

It isn't, I'm pretty sure. I don't know a great deal about it, but I saw
one at VCF East and the exhibitor made pains to point out it is NOT one of
the Sony HitBit-type machines (which are their nominal MSX compatiboxen).

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