HP9836 hardware. software and manuals availability

SAS Ltd srp at saslab.net
Mon Jan 5 08:31:23 CST 2009

I have a large collection of hardware, software and manuals relating to the
HP9836 computer.
The following items are available to anyone who would like them and who
could collect them from Buckinghamshire. I will only give an outline of the
items available although \I can provide more detailed listings on request:
1. 5 Hp9836 computers of which 2 are fully functioning. The other 3 have
various failed subsystems but they could easily be cannibalised into 2
working systems.
2. Approximately 8 5.25 disk drives, all failed and in need of repair.
3. Full manual sets for Basic and Pascal in t 2 versions of each.
4. A collection of memory cards and math coprocessor cards.
5. Both 3.5 and 5.25 original operating system disks.
6. A collection of 7470 and 7475 plotters most of which are working.
7. A collection of various Thinkjet printers and other HP printers,
8. Various HPIB cables
9. IEM Fortran77 compiler and manuals.
 Several 9122 3.25 disk drives

I have been using these machines for 25 years and have recently changed to
Windows based systems. I do not have the heart just to throw these items
away so please let me know if you need further details or have any interest
in these items.

Marek Pawlik

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