chip identification

Tony Duell ard at
Mon Jan 5 13:04:14 CST 2009

> Trying to ID some chips I pulled from various pieces of equipment.
> I have a cpu? I pulled out of a modem ... Signetics
> SC80C31BCPN40.  This would appear to be an Intel 8031 based
> cpu.  But does it have an internal ROM/etc that would preclude
> its reuse ?

The 8031 is ROMless as far as I know. But traditional 8051s (40 pin DIL 
package of whatecer) can be used -- the internal ROM can be disabled by 
asserting EA (External address), in which case they behave like 8031s. I 
am told that some 8031/2s are actually 8051/2s that have been programmed 
for some application (in the case of the 8052, often tiny BASIC), and the 
ROM has failed the text.

> Searching google for chip part numbers is paramount to useless
> due to all the chip vendors advertising....  there has to be a better
> way....

I have found digchip ( to be quite useful. You 
have to register, but I think it's free.


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