PDP-11/05 returns to life

tiggerlasv at aim.com tiggerlasv at aim.com
Wed Jan 7 00:36:47 CST 2009

Tobias Russell wrote:

> The next challenge will be to get an RX01 disk built
> with RT11 on it. I'm planning on making the image with SIMH and then 
> vtserver to copy the image onto the RX01 (connected to my 11/73). Does
> this sound like a sane approach?

I have a faster, albeit slightly convoluted method
for getting information between the PC and the PDP.

I created a standalone PC from old pieces/parts.

This PC is a plain-old PC, with minimal memory,
a small disk drive,  a Teac FD55-GFR floppy,
a generic SCSI controller, and an IDE <> CF adapter.

The PC boots plain ol' DOS.

I use a compact flash card to move SIMH images
back & forth from my real PC to the DOS PC.
(This saves ALOT of rebooting.)

Using PUTR, I can make bootable RX50's and RX33's.

Using John Wilson's  ST.EXE  (SCSI Tape utility),
I can make bootable TK50 / TK70 images, merely
by attaching a SCSI TK50 / TK70 to the SCSI controller.

Although there are several steps involved in the process,
it is infinitely faster than using VTserver, particularly when
dealing with larger images.

You could easily make a bootable RT11 disk on RX50 or RX33,
boot your 11/73 with it, and make your RX01 images from there.
That way, if you run into any problems, or want to make changes,
you won't have to wait for VTserver to work it's magic. . .

(Now, if ST.EXE would work with Exabyte 8mm drives,
I'd really be a happy camper !)


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