Lifting heavy rack-mount gear (was Re: PDP-8/e rack questions)

William Donzelli wdonzelli at
Wed Jan 7 11:19:32 CST 2009

> Not as dramatic as some other stories on this thread, I recall when I acquired my 11/34.  I'd specified a truck with a lift gate - and arrived at the rental agency (Enterprise - to be avoided!) to find a ramp truck.

The basic rule of thumb is not to be cheap with rental trucks. Pretty
much avoid all of the consumer grade deals (Uhaul, Enterprise, etc.)
and go straight for the commercial deals. The pricing schemes are a
little different (sometimes less!), and you have to show that you are
a business with some sort of official looking business paper to sign
up, but pretty much everything is in tip top condition with no
screwups. I use Ryder Commercial Services, and have been very pleased.


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