Mac 400k floppy drive alignment?

Josh Dersch derschjo at
Thu Jan 8 01:19:34 CST 2009

dwight elvey wrote:
>> From: derschjo at
>> Got myself an ancient external 400k mac floppy drive on the cheap that
>> I'd like to use on my 128k mac -- after cleaning out the old dried
>> lubricant and getting the drive mechanism running again, the drive works
>> but will only read/write disks that it has formatted, which leads me to
>> believe that the drive is out of alignment. How is alignment corrected
>> on these drives?
>> Thanks!
>> Josh
> Hi
>  Like any other drive, you need an alignment disk for a 400k drive.
> That would be a tough one.
> You can always just experiment some. Before moving the stepper,
> make sure the track zero is in the right place. After a recal,
> measure the distance the head is from the spindle. It should be
> close to the same for both drives.
>  If the track zero is right, try the stepper next.
> Dwight
Thanks for the advice.  After a few hours' fiddling I've got the drive 
reading/writing reliably.  Now to find some 400k images of mac software 
that'll run on a 128k :).


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