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On Wednesday 31 December 2008 12:54:53 pm John Foust wrote:
> At 10:22 AM 12/31/2008, Dave McGuire wrote:
> >On Dec 30, 2008, at 6:14 PM, Philip Pemberton wrote:
> >>That said, Widlarization is a great way to deal with parts like
> >>that. :)
> >
> >  YAY!!  Someone else knows of Widlarization!  I sure wish I
> >could've met him.
> http://www.national.com/rap/Story/widlar.html
> "We still have a sign around our lab, "This is not a black-smith shop." But
> there were times when Bob would discover he had wasted a day or two, just
> because one bad part had screwed up his circuit. He would bring this bad
> part -- a capacitor, a pot, a transistor, an IC, or whatever -- over to
> the vise and lay it on the anvil part. Then he would calmly, methodically
> beat it with a hammer until the smallest remaining part was
> indistinguishable from the dust on the floor. Then he would go back to work
> and get the right answer. He explained that it makes you feel much better
> if you do this, and, you know that bad part will never come around again
> and goof you up. He was right. And I recommend that you join me in doing
> this "Widlarizing" when a bad component fools you. You will feel a lot
> better."
> - John

"One of the celebrated things Widlar did was to put a "hassler" in his 
office.2 When a person came in to his office and spoke loudly, this circuit 
would detect the audio, convert the audio to a very high audio frequency, and 
play back this converted sound. The louder you talked, the lower the pitch 
would come down into the audio spectrum, and the louder it would play. So if 
you really hollered, it would make sort of a ringing in your ears. Of course, 
if you noticed this "ringing" in your ears, and stopped for a while to 
listen, the "hassler" circuitwould shut up. He gradually got people to stop 
yelling at him. I mean, Bob really was almost always a soft-spoken person. He 
didn't have to yell or shout to get his message across. When he did speak, 
and softly at that, people would soon realize that it was a good idea to 
listen to him."

I *want* one of these...!

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