Free Wang 2200 CS equipment near Detroit, Michigan

Jim Battle frustum at
Thu Jan 8 13:37:01 CST 2009

I was contacted by Mr. Mike Sharl.  He has a client that needs to 
dispose of some functioning Wang equipment, namely:

 > The Wang CS and SDS drive and 2236 monitors, cables, etc
 > at my client's office will be tossed by mid January.

The Wang CS was a late 80s incarnation of the 2200 MVP.  The MVP is a 
microcoded machine that runs the Wang BASIC-2 dialect.  It is also a 
timeshared system, as you can connect up to 16 terminals (that is what 
the 2236 thing is -- intelligent terminals with 8080s in them).  The SDS 
drive is a 3rd party hard disk made by Southern Data Systems.  I would 
suspect a cache of manuals and software come with it.

It is located in Southfield, Michigan.  The owner doesn't want any cash, 
just wants it gone as they are moving locations.  If nobody claims it in 
the next few weeks, it will be turned back into sand.

Email me and I'll connect you with Mike.

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