SGI Visualisation Systems... Good for Maya and what else?

Jules Richardson jules.richardson99 at
Fri Jan 9 07:45:36 CST 2009

Chris Elmquist wrote:
> well, ah... inspite of the rumors of our death being greatly exaggerated,
> some of us do still work at SGI... in Minnesota...  Eagan to be exact.
> There is a room full of O2K and O3K (and newer stuff of course) directly
> behind my office.  They're powered on and running...

Hey, let me know when they're powered off and available ;)

Seriously, do you know what the disposal deal is there? I used to know a 
couple of 'tame' employees at SGI in the UK, but the policy there was that any 
surplus (regardless of source / age / condition) was rendered inoperative and 
then tossed in a dumspter to be hauled off for crushing.

I never did try prodding SGI in a museum capacity, but they certainly didn't 
want any Great Unwashed computer collectors knocking on their door. Maybe 
that's not company-wide policy though, so the Eagan site's better...



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