Arcades becoming extinct..

Keith keithvz at
Sat Jan 10 11:28:34 CST 2009

Dan Roganti wrote:
> The arcades of today may be disappearing, but the arcades of yesterday 
> are actually on the rise. We have 3 here already in Pittsburgh with a 
> lot of the original arcades, digital _and_mechanical, including 
> pinballs, bowlers, baseball and shooting arcades. There's a few cities 
> with some more, I haven't cataloged them all yet.

Did you have a list of those arcades in Pittsburgh on your website?  I 
couldn't find them.

I grew up in Pittsburgh with my parents taking us kids to the arcades, 
hanging out in arcades at night as a teenager, and so on.

Maybe Dave and Busters qualifies as an arcade --- but I like the the old 
school retro games myself.  (of which they have a few)

> =Dan
> [ =   ]

Hey, btw, I'm glad to see some of the various initiatives that you 
run/are involved with in Pittsburgh.  Like the robotics club, vintage 
computer stuff, etc etc. Good job.

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