Dr. Dobbs to cease?

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On Tuesday 13 January 2009 01:46:31 am Richard wrote:
> In article <496C2895.1020203 at oldskool.org>,
>     Jim Leonard <trixter at oldskool.org>  writes:
> > An excellent observation, and one that has been hard for me to adjust
> > to.  My memories of dialing BBSes are fond because using a BBS wasn't
> > always trivial, so the people you met via BBSes had to have at least a
> > base level of intelligence in order for you to meet.
> I suppose that depends on which BBS you used; around Utah, the biggest
> BBS was a multi-line chat system called "Lower Lights" and believe me
> the minimum intelligence level needed to get on that system was pretty
> low.

This area was dominated for a while (pre-PC) by BBSs running on C64s,  with 
pretty much the same crowd on all of them.  There were a few exceptions,  
though,  one guy running on an Apple of some sort (moved to a IIgs at some 
point) and another that ran on an Osborne Executive!  On that one you got 
dropped at a CP/M prompt.  :-)

I have the external HD box w/ controller from that one sitting at about arm's 
length from me with the ST225 I retrofitted into it still in there.

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