Latest find : IBM display writer

Tom and Cindy chemingson8525 at
Tue Jan 13 21:27:54 CST 2009

  I need a copy of the diplaywriter operating system diskettes.  I have
  a complete displaywriter system but no O.S.  Thanks

  Latest find : IBM display writer

*Curt Vendel* curt at 
/Fri Aug 2 14:14:10 CDT 2002/

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I thought IBM Displaywriters were their line of daisywheel letter quality


liste at <> wrote:

>/ So I walking up to a Dirty Garage (Vente de Garage Sale :) and spotted a
/>/ grey box that looked like it might be some sort of Mac or stranger from
/>/ the rear.  Coming to the front, I see it is a dual 8 inch disquette drive!
/>/ The owner of the dirty garage came up to me and, spying my Linux t-shirt,
/>/ claimed it was Linux compatible.  A good chuckle was had.
/>/ However, the drive was part of a complete Displaywriter, which he was
/>/ giving away.  So I backed my car up and loaded it all in.
/>/ - 6580 Electronics Module, display, keyboard
/>/ - 6360 Diskette Unit
/>/ - 5215 Printer
/>/ Doco :
/>/ - IBM Displaywriter System Customer Setup Guide
/>/ - IBM Displaywriter KWIC [sic] Reference guide
/>/ - 11 binders of Textpack tutorials (and documentation?)
/>/ - Several sets of software.  Haven't checked if it's multiple versions of
/>/   same programs or many different programs
/>/ - Many more 8 inch diskettes, including 5-10 unused still in plastic
/>/ - 2 loose boards, in a bag w/ small piece of paper where upon it is
/>/   written :  "Defective, changed summer 93" in french
/>/ I haven't fired it up yet to see if it works.  However, I *must*
/>/ get rid of it as I have no space for it.  So, is anyone interested?  My
/>/ cost : FREE CHEAP.  Of course, you pay for shipping from southern Quebec
/>/ (which won't be cheap for something this heavy).  Better yet, come and
/>/ pick it up!  I'd even be prepared to deliver it to somewhere close by (I'm
/>/ in Estrie) or even Montreal (I go there often).
/>/ If there are no takers w/in a month, I'll probably end up as landfill
/>/ (except the diskettes).
/>/ -Philip

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