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Andy Piercy andy.piercy at
Wed Jan 14 11:59:40 CST 2009


I use to work at Sun and managed the customer testing for this server,
so deep in some old emails I found this...

You need to have access to the engineering commands (not generally
released to customers) ;-)

This will allow you to reset the LOM password.

Good luck!


LOM error message "Console is not shared"

Console is not shared
lom>set extra-cmds on
Extra commands are reserved for SUN service personnel.
Unauthorised use invalidates machine service warranty.
LOM event: +0h0m12s user login 0
lom>reset -l

2009/1/14 Tom Uban <uban at>:
> The "console" command from "lom>" yeilds "Console not shared".
> The "#." command is supposed to be issued from Solaris, which
> is not yet installed (or running).
> I need to access the "forth" monitor which has the "ok" prompt,
> but again, the "console" command does not connect.
> --tom
> Andy Piercy wrote:
>> "console"
>> and
>> "#." to returne I think...
>> Ta,
>> A.
>> 2009/1/14 Tom Uban <uban at>:
>>> Ok, through a combination of experimentation and help from all of
>>> you, I've been able to get to the "lom>" prompt. Woot! But now I
>>> seem to face a new problem. I would like to install Solaris from
>>> the CD drive, but I need to access the "forth" boot mode "ok" prompt.
>>> When I try to use the "console" command, it reports "Console is
>>> not shared". I've tried setting bootmode to forth and issuing the
>>> "poweron" command, but I am still unable to gain access to the "ok"
>>> prompt console. Some googling reveals others have had this same
>>> problem and that there is supposed to be a doc in the sunsolve
>>> database which describes something about this, but I would need
>>> a service contract to access the document. How do I access the
>>> main processor forth mode console?
>>> Continuing thanks...
>>> --tom
>>> Ed Groenenberg wrote:
>>>> Tom,
>>>> Best way is to install Solrais 8, 9 or 10.
>>>> Then install the SUNWlomu, SUNWlomr & SUNWlomm packages
>>>> followed by patch 110208-22. Then use the lom tool to
>>>> manipulate the lom config to your likings.
>>>> BTW, the patch has the latest firmware for the lom, so you
>>>> can also upgrade it if wanted.
>>>> Regards,
>>>> Ed
>>>>> Sorry about the lack of true classic computing content to this
>>>>> question, but it does relate to a little bit older machine, a
>>>>> Sunfire V100...
>>>>> I purchased one of these from eBay in hopes of possibly upgrading
>>>>> my home firewall and discovered that the machine has a Lights-Out-
>>>>> Management (LOM) CPU controlling the main UltraSPARC IIi processor.
>>>>> The LOM runs a monitor program (LOMlite) which on this particular
>>>>> machine is currently configured to require a login/password when
>>>>> communicating with the machine over the console serial port.
>>>>> >From seemingly endless google searching, it sounds like I should be
>>>>> able to break out of the LOMlite login/password cycle by resetting
>>>>> the machine with the JP13 jumper. When I do this, LOM is reset, a
>>>>> few seemingly ok diagnostic messages are emitted, and then the login
>>>>> password are again requested.
>>>>> I was unable to determine if there is some sort of default login
>>>>> password.
>>>>> The only path seems to be to possibly load the PATA IDE hard drive
>>>>> with Solaris, and then use the Solaris tools to reset the LOM setup.
>>>>> Does anyone on this list have any experience with this machine?
>>>>> --tnx
>>>>> --tom

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